These are some amazing features in Click.DJ that can increase an artists' following by over 500%!
  1. Facebook Authorization
    Require users to Connect to Facebook before continuing to your download gate. You will gain the name, location, and e-mail address of your Facebook connected followers!
    Followers who connected with Facebook also have their social network connections saved to their profile, meaning they'll never have to connect to the same network twice in order to start a download.
  2. Optimal Download & URL Gates
    Users will only be asked to connect to networks they're not yet following you on.
    When users download your file, they will follow you on all their previously connected social networks, and on the network they connected to when starting their download.
    If users are connected to all social networks on Click.DJ, they can instantly start their download & follow you across all their social networks, which brings us to:
  3. Follower Synchronization
    Whenever someone follows you on Click.DJ, they will follow you on all their social networks.
  4. Priority Networks
    Double click on a network when creating or updating a page to set a Priority Network. If someone is not yet connected to your priority network, they can only connect with that network to start their download.
    If they already previously connected with that network, they can connect to any other network. So if someone downloads 5 of your files, you will be followed on 5 different networks (instead of following you on the same network 5 times).
  5. URL Gates
    Don't have a file to share? Put a URL in the Quick URL Gate form in your Click.DJ Dashboard. You will get a shortened URL which works like a Download Page.
    Users follow you on Click.DJ and their social networks when accessing your URL.
  6. News Feed
    Followers have their own News Feed where they can see your latest activity on Click.DJ and other social media. Easily promote your latest downloads to your growing following.Embedding
    Embed Click.DJ downloads into your own website for an in-house, brandable experience.

URL Gates are like Download Pages, but for URLs.
Enter a URL in the 'Quick URL Gate' field in your dashboard, and instantly get a URL that's shortened and behind a Click.DJ Follow Gate!

Double click on a network when creating or updating a Download Page to set a Priority Network

If a user wants to download your file and they're not yet connected to the Priority Network, they have to connect with that priority network to continue.
If they're already following you on the Priority Network, they can select any other enabeld network to connect to.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the camera icon in the top right corner of any of your connected networks
  3. Your profile picture will change to the one on your social network
  4. If you changed your social network's profile picture and would like to update it on Click.DJ, reconnect to the network

If you only want to be followed on one single network:

  1. When you create or update a page, disable all networks except for one
  2. Users will only be able to follow you on that single network

If you want to be followed on one specific network, but if someone is already following you there, let them follow you on a different network:

  1. Enable multiple networks
  2. Set a priority network by double clicking on the network.
    Users will have to follow you on that network. If users are already following you there, they can connect to any other network.

If you want to use Click.DJ without limits and with extra features: Subscribe!

We have extremely affordable plans that make subscribing to Click.DJ a no-brainer.

Facebook Authorization is a one-time, single click Facebook Connect prompt that lets users connect their Facebook account on Click.DJ.

Facebook Authorization lets your fans:

  • Connect their social networks to their own fan account.
    This means they'll never have to connect to their social networks again in the future
  • Provide you with their name, location, and e-mail address.
    This lets you email all your fans, and email them selectively based on their location.
  • Follow your Click.DJ activity and content on their own News Feed
    Click.DJ's dashboard for fan accounts is the news feed, where users can see and interact with all your Click.DJ activity and content easily and instantly.

Users will still be asked to connect with a social network after connecting to Facebook.