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The biggest
Click.DJ is known as the internet's first and primary SoundCloud Follow to Download app. But we offer much more than that. Click.DJ is the internet's biggest & most trusted Follow & Download Network.
Click.DJ supports 'Follow & Download' technology for all major social networks and apps.
Listeners to Followers
Turn your listeners into fans by letting them automatically Follow you on your social networks in exchange for downloading your music.
Advanced statistics allow you to see where you're most popular, and how much your music is being shared.
Let users follow you with a single click on Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Email.
Let fans download your music from your Facebook page with a beautiful iTunes inspired free Facebook App.
Collaborators & Networks
Add multiple accounts & social networks to be followed per download. Easily include collaborators & networks.
Whether you're an artist, blog, promoter, website, channel, or curator, Click.DJ allows you to easily start or expand your music career in any field.

Click.DJ constantly expands its features & networks:

Let users Like you on Facebook, and Repost & Comment on SoundCloud while they're downloading your song to increase your natural engagement.
Embed Click.DJ functionality into your own website with the 'Follow & Download Overlay'.
Access advanced statistics, collect emails & countries, increase your streams & sales.
Click.DJ offers countless extras allowing you to get the most out of your music.